Elizabeth Susanne Pine, 89, kicked the bucket Saturday night while in her sleep. She went out peacefully... having lived a very full life doing all of the artsy things, which she loved so very much, always surrounded by her friends, family and enough love to last 10 life times.
Lizzy is survived by her two husbands (yes, 2. You gotta problem with that freak show? ...Didn't think so! ) Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery (hopefully not still incarcerated in Hoag maximum security prison), and her two rotweilers Frank & Beans.
Services will be held on Friday the 13th at 2pm on the Pacific Coast Highway at Patrick's Roadhouse in the Palisades, followed by the scattering of the ashes in the Pacific Ocean.
Festive beach attire requested. Party hats, shades, lays and grass skirts mandatoty. Dress code strictly enforced.

"Hi Mom & Dad... I'm on the way and I'll see you soon. Need me to stop and get anything on the way? I'll text you when I'm at THE PEARLY GATES."
"P.S. Matt & Eric, please try to find Robert Nesta Marley for me and tell him I'm running a little late, sorry about that, and to please have his guitar ready... because I'll have some requests for him when I arrive. Thx!

: )

xoxo LP

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